EqualityToledo works to eliminate discrimination in our region based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression through education, activism, and other anti-defamation efforts. 


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Toledo Domestic Partnership Registry

To register, Click Here for the Domestic Partner Registry form, fill it out, have it notarized, and take or mail it with $25.00 to the Clerk of Council's office at:
One Government Center, Suite 2120
Toledo, OH  43604
Office open: Weekdays 8:00am - 4:45pm 



Interested in Volunteering for Equality Toledo?

Just fill out the volunteer application on the website or email us at info@equalitytoledo.org. Volunteer meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Pride Center 419 located in the Collingwood Arts Center, 2413 Collingwood Blvd.

We have a lot of exciting projects coming up and look forward to working with you. If you have any ideas for projects or events, don't be shy send us an email and share.

EqualityToledo is collaborating with RAY (Rainbow Area Youth, a support group for LGBTQ youth), to help with donations for their meetings. To learn more and how you can help please click here! 

EqualityToledo is
Celebrating 10 years!

Continuing our work for equality in our community.

Stay tuned for more celebration information.


A Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Members,

We live in a time of great transition. State after state has recognized our right to marry and establish families with all the legal rights of marriage. Not one of us anticipated such a rapid change in popular opinion and court rulings that prompted or accompanied these changes.  According to the most recent polls, at least 61% of the population favors our right to marry, and with the recent Supreme Court arguments on same-sex marriage rights, anticipation and hope are growing toward a victorious ruling in June.   

When Equality Toledo was formed ten years ago the mood was quite different.  Ohio, like many other states at that time, had passed hateful anti-gay legislation preventing both same-sex marriage in the state and the recognition of marriages from other states.  Our organization, like others around the state, including Equality Ohio, was established to educate and inform both our community and civic leaders.  We remain committed to this objective with our continued work in a variety of areas, including our safe schools program, faith and fairness initiative, and equality at work initiative. Whenever possible, we have formed partnerships with other like-minded organizations and individuals working for equality.  Even if the Supreme Court extends the right to marry there will still be much work to do.   In Ohio, as well as other states, protection against housing, employment and public accommodations discrimination do not exist.  Hate crimes against our community are still not criminalized in Ohio. Be assured that we will continue to work for a better society in which we can all live, work and nurture our families free from hate and discrimination. 

During the last few months, members of Equality Toledo have met with the newly appointed Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and other city officials, and we have established liaisons for the LGBTQ community with the Toledo police and fire departments.  We also partnered with the Cleveland International Film Festival to present a well-received documentary film about a township clerk in Colorado that married a gay couple in the 1980’s and the discrimination they experienced.  We also sponsored and promoted an LGBTQ health fair in March attended by over 200 participants.

The board would like to extend its thanks to Dave Crafts, who served as our Executive Director for the last 8 months.  Dave recently decided to resign.  As a small organization with limited resources there are many demands placed on our Executive Director, and with another full time job and family obligations, he felt the need to step down from this role.  We all wish him the best.   Sherry Tripepi has been appointed our Interim Director and a Search Committee has been formed to identify a new Executive Director.  Please extend your support and welcome to her as she returns to a familiar role for the short term.  

The celebration of our ten year anniversary in the fall could also be a celebration of new legal protections.  Only time will tell.  Watch for upcoming events and thank you for your continuing partnership and support. 

Yours for Equality,

The Board of Directors for Equality Toledo



The James Wozniak Memorial Scholarship

·         A $500 scholarship offered by EqualityToledo in honor of James Wozniak to outstanding gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered students, allies, or the children of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered parents who have worked toward equality for the LGBTQ community.

·         This scholarship will be awarded to students who possess some or all of the following traits: leadership, community service, academic scholarship and financial need.

·         Students are encouraged to discuss their experiences with extracurricular activities, employment, financial and personal hardship, involvement in the LGBT community, and other information that will help the scholarship committee understand the applicant better.

2015-2016 Application Form is due on 7/1/2015



Kroger has a fundraising program for non-profits called Community Rewards.  Last fiscal year, EqualityToledo earned $1,385.77.  Please assist us with continuing this earning.  To participate, just register your Kroger Rewards Card online at www.krogercommunityrewards.com using EqualityToledo's organization name and/or ET's NPO number 81859.

Members must also re-enroll every April so if you did not re-enroll this year, please do so.  The Kroger Rewards Program allows Kroger shoppers to donate money to EqualityToledo just by swiping their Kroger card each time they shop.  That means that you do not actually donate the money, but Kroger does it for you when you shop at their store and swipe your Kroger card.  We need you, so please consider enrolling today.

To register online:  


Thank you for your continued support!


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