EqualityToledo works to eliminate discrimination in our region based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression through education, activism, and other anti-defamation efforts

Our past

EqualityToledo began as a response to the passage of Ohio's Issue 1 amendment in November 2004. It passed because of the lack of effective statewide coalitions in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and its allies. EqualityToledo is our answer to this deficiency. We are working hard to end discrimination through education and advocacy.

Our Present

Visibility: We are committed to communicating more--through our newsletters and email alerts-- with our members. We also focus on be a visible force and voice for Toledo's LGBT community.

Diversity: Our Board and our membership must reflect the diversity of the community, and we're committed to taking steps to reach out and achieve these goals.

Pride Event: A pride event organized for the regional community helps raise awareness about the LGBT community and our contribution to the community-at-large.


Our future

Civil Rights and Advocacy: We work on the local level to ensure LGBT equality and collaborate with our many partners to achieve the same equality at the state and national level.

Community Space: We are exploring a community center for Northwest Ohio. Such a space may provide lasting benefits for LGBT community over many years.

 Increasing Our Staff: Most importantly, a full-time staff is key to help accomplish our goals. Increasing membership numbers, seeking additional grant resources, and using our best fundraising strategies will help us raise our revenue, which in turn, increases our staff personnel and our impact on the community.