EqualityToledo has trained over 2,000 teachers and administrators in the region


The Safe Schools Project strives, through education and advocacy, to create a culture of safety that will make Ohio schools free from harassment, bullying and other forms of violence against any student or group of students.  

The Project aims to protect all students, including racial and religious minorities, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students, students with disabilities, and students who are targeted because of their appearance or expression, from violence and harassment. In spite of non-discrimination policies, LGBT youth and youth perceived to be LGBT continue to be routinely harassed and physically assaulted, and suffer property damage; school employees fear the loss of their employment and lack domestic partner benefits.

The Project founders investigated the issue of bullying based not only on LGBT status, but other real or perceived traits.  The Project then initiated a program to address the serious problem of bullying and other forms of violence in our schools and to employ innovative methods to promote awareness and prevention of bullying.  Many of the Projects founders and sponsors are members and/or board members of EqualityToledo.